2D - Visual Artist 


Hello there!, I’m Alejandro Díaz, a mexican artist with architect training, creating and signing my paintings as “2D” since 2011. You may find in my work a blend of geometrical dynamics & bright mexican colours with a pinch of randomness. 

This language of lines, geometrical shapes and vivid colours took me by storm in my 20s and made me travel in search of a solid self-taught art education from 2013-2018 to Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, London, Berlin, Mexican Caribbean, Chiapas and Mexico City (of course!).

After 9 years of endless art adventures, colour 

experiments, fun facts, laughs, many lessons and random experiences I find myself immersed in a Contemporary Art universe where my “Art-School-Free work” is ready to get closer to people’s emotions and experiences by exacerbating empathy through my visual language.

Please feel free to enjoy each brushstroke,  colour, shape and feeling that is contained in my work, it was made to be shared after all.




2020 Planning solo exhibition in Galería Origen, November 2020

  • La caja cósmica” mural. Container intervention for the new Computer Aid’s Solar Learning Lab, Ecatepec, Mex.

2019/2020 Art History and Artistic Appreciation tutor

2018 Six-month volunteer mediator at Mexico City’s Museum of Modern Art

2017-1018 Four-month artistic self-training trip to Paris - Rome & London

  • El juramento de Monte Sacro”, “Cuore libero” & “La conquista della Luna” murals for Lab Puzzle, Rome, It.

  • Salón México” mural for Kanek, London, U.K.

2016-2017 Nine-month artistic self-training residency, Cozumel, Mex.

  • La Caja de Olinalá” mural, Magenta Cultural Center, Cozumel, Mex.

  • Two-week artistic self-training visit to San Cristóbal de las Casas and San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mex.

2015-2016 Eighteen-month artistic self-training trip to Paris, Milan, Rome, London, Berlin, Florence             &  Venice

  • 6 paintings series for Plus Camping, Prima Porta, It.

  • Sub-Comandante Marcos” mural for Zócalo Bar, London, U.K.

  • The Garden” mural for private collection, London, U.K.

  • Le Quattro fasi della Luna” mural for MAAM (Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove) Rome, It.

  • La camera da letto” charcoal mural, Pigneto, Rome, It.

  • Decorative murals for Le Quecum, London, U.K. 

2015 “Lenguaje florido para conquistar a una jacaranda” mural, Ecatepec, Mex. 

2014 Three-month artistic self-training trip to Paris & Rome​

2013 Supervisor at Monumento a la Revolución Mexicana

  • Four-month artistic self-training trip to Paris - Rome - Florence - Naples - Venice & London

  • Scuola Sessanta” mural for Ciao Bella restaurant, Rome, It.

  • Il Tavolo Italiano” and “Ciao Bella” murals for Ciao Bella’s restaurant main dinning hall, Rome, It.

2011-2012 Series of 8 Mexican folk art theme murals in La Batalla restaurant, Ecatepec, Mex.

2011 Seven-month artistic self-training residency in Guanajuato​

2004-2009 Architecture degree UNAM, F.E.S. Aragón